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CBG OIL: Magnolia Hemp Co 900mg CBG / 30ml


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Magnolia Hemp Co CBG Tincture

Cannabigerol has gained immense traction in the cannabis community in recent years. Scientists now recognize its potential as a powerful natural agent that may help promote bodily and mental wellness. Magnolia Hemp High CBG Oil Tincture makes it easy to access the benefits of cannabigerol and incorporate it into everyday activities.

This premium CBG tincture features a sophisticated blend of natural oils and pure CBG isolate, and is designed to facilitate maximum cannabinoid absorption. Sunflower lecithin and MCT oil make it easier for the body to take in CBG so that it can be readily used throughout all twelve systems. Upon consumption, CBG may help support numerous biological functions, including immune system activity, inflammation, sleep/wake cycles, and immune system operations. 

Why Add CBG Tincture to Your Daily Routine?

By using CBG Tincture, you can experience the benefits of cannabigerol for yourself. Use it on a daily basis or as needed to address specific symptoms. Our CBG is held to the highest standards and is free of harmful toxins, pesticides, and herbicides, so you can gain peace of mind knowing that you’re using a product that’s 100% pure and safe. 


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