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It's no wonder this strain is a favorite among hemp lovers - its one of the most cannabidiol rich flowers out there. Tantalizing teperens will have you wrapped in lavander and spiced forest floor. Ride the up-beat vibes of our light dep Lifter while tackling your daily routine and conquering the world.

Lifter is Sativa-dominant, seen as a “daytime” strain for its energetic lifting of mood it is great for when seeking to elevate oneself with a clear mind. 

By weight = CBDA: 22.34% THC: .21% CBG: .08% 

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1 review for Lifter

  1. Margaret Dana (verified owner)

    This product is a great mood elevator and pain relief option. I purchased this for my husband’s bad back, but I decided to try it, too. I didn’t realize how all my little aches and pains were keeping me from really feeling good and how that affected my mood. Lifter has put a smile on my face! I didn’t want a cbd that sedates you. Lifter doesn’t sedate you, but it helps with inflammation. I didn’t know what to expect, but Michael was great at explaining the benefits of CBD. I purchased several different strains to see what works best for my husband. So far, we have only tried lifter and we give it a thumb’s up. Another strain may work better for his chronic back pain. I’m thinking a strain that does have some sedation qualities, as his pain keeps him from getting a good night’s sleep. One thing Michael did educate me on was you have to include it as a daily regimen, especially for someone with chronic pain, like my husband has had for 7 years. In the meantime, Lifter gets an A+.

    • mike3994999

      Thanks so much for the complete review. Hopefully, this information will help others who are unsure what products to try.

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