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Watermelon Zkittles Delta 8 Cartridge


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 Watermelon Zkittles (Indica, euphoric):

- Fruity aroma

- Powerful, heavy effect

- End of the day


510 Thread Battery Compatible

Farm Bill Compliant

1000mg Delta-8 THC

<.3% Delta-9 THC

USP Grade Terpenes

USA Grown Hemp

Third Party Tested


Suggested Use: 1-2 Puffs to establish individual tolerance


Ingredients: Delta 8 distillate and terpenes


Why Delta 8 Vape?

Delta 8 vaping is one of the best ways to reap the benefits of delta 8. Not only can you bring it with you on the go (whether that’s from one room to the next, or whatever), it also offers the quickest effects, so you can get back to doing whatever it is you were doing.


About Canna River

Canna River is dedicated to providing consumers with trusted, quality products at affordable prices. Their collection of hemp and CBD products are designed with real users in mind. The Canna River team is passionate and dedicated to providing the highest-quality products to fit all budgets. Canna River’s products can be used for a multitude of holistic applications.


In fact, they set out to provide people with hemp and cannabis products free of gimmicks, inflated prices, or over-the-top promises. This meant redefining how everyone views hemp and wellness. They want you to feel like you’re on your own journey, and they’re just helping you live it.




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